desmoplastic mesothelioma prognosis


A word Desmoplasia in medical line is the growth of fibrous or related tissue. It is also called desmoplastic reaction to emphasize that it is secondary to an insult. Desmoplastic mesothelioma is a cell subtype of mesothelioma that occurs in the pleura and occasionally in the peritoneum. Mesothelioma

Desmoplasia may occur around a neoplasm, causing dense fibrosis around the tumor, or scar tissue (adhesions) within the abdomen after abdominal surgery. its a commen varient of sarcomatoid mesothelioma –an aggressive cell type  but cases of desmoplastic mesothelioma with biphasic and epithelial cells are diagnosed on rare occasions.Desmoplasia is usually only associated with malignant neoplasms, which can evoke a fibrosis response by invading healthy tissue. Invasive ductal carcinomas of the breast often have a scirrhous, stellate appearance caused by desmoplastic formations.

Doctors and pathologists have there own special criteria to look out  a patient.when he  is suspected of these type.desmoplastic-mesothelioma-prognosis is based on a theory of deep science.there are no specific diagnosis and prognosis is available yet.but some madical exprement may help to  make desmoplastic-mesothelioma-prognosis.

     criteria includation is here:

  • Spread of neoplastic spindle cells to the lung or some time with chest wall.
  • Presence of the p53 tumor suppressor gene protein in many condition.
  • Areas of increased cellularity that have sarcomatoid mesothelioma characteristics.
  • At least 50 percent of the tumor must be made up of dense fibrous tissue that frequently forms nodules.
  • Metastasis to nearby fat tissue, skeletal muscle or the lung.

In many difficult cases Imaging scans like a CT or MRI may help a pathologist to identify or recognise spread to the lung or chest wall to diagnose DMM.Mesothelioma condition diagnosis

यह भी पढ़ें   थायरॉइड का बेहतरीन उपचार कैसे करें।

Symptoms and desmoplastic mesothelioma prognosis : the primary symptom of desmoplastic mesothelioma is chest pain, often caused by a buildup of fluid in the lungs.Treatments for DMM aim to reduce symptoms, prolong survival.beside it use of chemotherapy and radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancerous cells may also second option.

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